3 Questions to Ask An Expert Carpenter

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You’ve decided to hire an expert for your next big woodworking project. This is an excellent choice; there is so much to the craft which will be second nature to a master carpenter that would be daunting for a DIYer. Here are three questions to ask any carpenter before engaging their services.

1. What Is Your Experience with XYZ?

Are you looking to add custom built-ins, restore current cabinetry, install crown molding, create or repair a unique furniture piece, or something more? Once you know a rough idea of what you want, be sure your selected woodworker has a background in that type of project. Ask your carpenter for a woodworking portfolio showcasing previous jobs of a similar nature. A seasoned professional will provide an extensive repertoire to peruse. Even someone who has not been in the trade for long, if they specialized in a specific craft, should have an acceptable amount of experience.

2. Can You Sketch a Design?

Once you have hashed out what work is to be done, have your carpenter give you a rough idea of the final product through a sketch or digital rendering. Many tradesmen will offer this for free. In any case, you should make sure both your vision and the woodworker’s interpretation align, so you receive the exact product you are hoping for.

3. What Will It Cost Me?

Ensure all costs are hashed out before the physical work begins. You don’t want hidden fees sneaking up on you and a reliable woodworker should be able to get you a quote for the projected work. You may wish to talk about potential hiccups the project may encounter so you can prepare for additional costs as they arise.

Once you find the right carpenter for your woodworking needs, be sure to hold on to their number. You never know when you may need to call upon their expertise again.