3 Advantages of Using Custom Woodwork Accents in Your Home

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Homeowners often have a challenging time finding their style. Their house can have ornamental decorations and bold colors, but for some reason, everything still appears flat yet unflattering. If you want to add some texture and dimension to your home, elevating your interior, consider custom woodwork. There are at least three advantages of using woodwork in your design scheme.

1. Elevated Design

Woodwork, like crown molding, automatically adds a sense of drama to a room. It is elegant without being outstanding, and when complemented with baseboard or wainscoting, the woodwork can act as a sort of picture frame to the other elements on the wall, making them pop or stand out, elevating the overall design of the space.

2. Custom Fit

Sometimes a house has angles and curves that are challenging to decorate in a DIY way. Custom woodwork requires the talents of an experienced tradesman, meaning when the job is done you have a beautiful and finished looking space. Whether option for crown molding, baseboard, wainscoting, or paneling, the craftsmanship of a true woodworker will provide an elegant touch to any living space.

3. Added Value

Real woodwork always adds value, especially when it is professionally and correctly installed. The rich tones and custom fit make a space look complete and planned out. While you might not intend to sell your home anytime soon, know that when or if you do, woodwork will help sell the space, and like most home additions, it will add some value to the home, meaning that most projects are worth it.

Custom woodwork is something many homeowners can appreciate, but it is also something that many feel is out of their price range. However, do not rule it out without first consulting a professional, and whatever you do, do not allow your home to become a DIY project gone rogue. Carpenters spend years honing their craft, which is why many people do not might spending the money for a custom job.