Need Walnut? We’ve Got It!


Ever since I started in construction in the mid 1960’s, there have been many trends in the use of various woods for interior finish. When I was converting a Back Bay townhouse into condos in 1973, all the existing doors and trim had long been painted white. Some of it was poplar, which was meant…

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A “slab” is generally described as one piece of wood, the width of the tree from which it was sawn, with or without “live edges” (the natural shape of the tree sides), and usually quite thick. Barney and Carey has been selling slabs for years, while always seeking new sources for them. We buy them from…

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Shorts, Cookies, Discs, and Hardwood Oddities

As written here in a previous blog, about eight years ago I took on two partners and decided to make a radical change at Barney & Carey. The location in Sharon had functioned pretty well as a small, “full service” lumber company, but had really outgrown its tired facility. Both Barney & Carey and my…

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Unveiling the Holiday Spirit: Welcome Holly Wood!

Hey there! Guess what’s happening at the lumberyard? We’ve got something new in the mix, and we have no doubt it will sprinkle a bit of holiday cheer into your woodworking projects. Introducing Holly Wood, the latest addition to our lineup. This one’s sure to bring a touch of festive magic to whatever you’re creating. …

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The Awesome CNC Machine

Many of our clients are quite familiar with CNC Machines, and many are not- including myself, to a large extent. “CNC” stands for Computer Numerical Control, which automates the usage of machinery, such as our router, through the use of preprogrammed software to run the equipment. CNC can also be used to run lathes, milling…

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You’ve Never Seen a Shipment of Hardwoods Like This Before

I have mentioned many times how difficult it can be to source high quality hardwoods. We have been diligent at keeping a good inventory of them—both domestic and exotic—in stock. However, sometimes, I just can’t find what is needed. Recently, one of our three owners, Dovi, told me that we were pretty depleted in a…

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A Treasure of Exotic Hardwoods

exotic hardwood table

As the old saw goes, “some days ya just get lucky!” Well, that is exactly what happened to me recently. A little background, first. As woodworkers, craftspeople, woodturners, etc., we have been intrigued with using some exotic hardwoods in our projects. Yes, many of these woods are very expensive and often hard to obtain, but…

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Wood Can Make All the Difference

wood can make all the difference

Wood is one of the world’s most beautiful natural resources. When in its natural state in a tree, it provides a beautiful landscaping element. But there’s more to wood than leaving it in its natural state. Wood makes for beautiful structures, both practical and artistic. Everything from furniture to kitchen utensils can be constructed from…

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Tradition at Barney & Carey

We are certainly proud to be celebrating Barney and Carey’s 100th anniversary since opening on the banks of the Neponset River, Milton, in 1922. It was the former site of the old Neponset Coal Co. I found the original permit and plans for the deep water docks, dated 1897. As the coal had long been…

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Top 5 DIY Woodworking Gifts You Still Have Time to Make

DIY woodworking gifts

If you’re a woodworker you know the value of a handmade gift. Everyone appreciates seeing that thought went into getting them something nice for Christmas and nothing says this more than a hand-crafted item. While, yes, the holidays may only be weeks away and you might be feeling the crunch of getting everything ready in…

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