Furniture Repair, Furniture Restoration & Custom Furniture

Furniture is meant to last, but in today’s high turnover world, the furniture that you buy at your local store is unlikely to last more than a decade. Now is the time to invest in a truly amazing piece, and here at Barney & Carey Co. we can make that happen. We have been designing and building custom furniture for years, and with all of our work done in-house by a team of expert custom woodworkers and craftsmen, you will be enjoying your new table and chairs for generations to come. Call us today, and see how Barney & Carey Co. can help design custom furniture, or perform furniture repair, furniture restoration and antique furniture restoration with ease.

custom furniture

Custom Furniture

One of our true passions as a company is to build and deliver custom furniture. There is something special when you deliver a true masterpiece, and you know that the piece will be passed down for generations to come. With an on-site woodworking shop, we can utilize any type of material you can think of into our work, and that includes glass, metal and even marble. Let our team work with you to design a piece of custom furniture that will not only work with your area, but also ensure that you have a piece of custom furniture that will truly last a lifetime...and then some.


Furniture Repair & Furniture Restoration

Even if your wooden furniture has been badly damaged, the team at Barney & Carey Co. can help. We have been working hard to ensure that our furniture repair and furniture restoration side of the shop is one of the busiest in the state. From broken joints, split seats and even scratched surfaces, we have seen it all...and can repair it. Our services have been used on such items as dressers, chairs, desks, antique furniture restoration, cane webbing, tables, sewing tables and even butcher blocks! Let our team bring your furniture back to life, and all for a great rate!

Call our team today, and see why Barney & Carey Co. have been the premier shop for custom furniture builds, furniture repair and furniture restoration—including antique furniture restoration—on all types of wood furniture. We have been repairing and building furniture for years, and when it comes down to it, we love the look on your face when we can bring your vision to life, or repair an irreplaceable heirloom. Call us today, and see the difference that a quality custom furniture company can make on your next project!