A Custom Wood Fireplace Mantels Adds Elegance To Your Home

When your home is your castle, you want to be a welcoming place with subtle, sophisticated beauty. If you have a fireplace, it is the perfect locale for a custom wood mantel to showcase your style with intricate designs and beautiful finishes that provide a talking piece that lasts.

Mantel Options

Depending on your tastes, there are two main types of mantels.

  • Shelf: For people with a more subtle taste, a mantel shelf may be the perfect solution. These are typically 12 inches deep but still offer an array of options for a custom look. They are attached by using molding, which in itself allows for a unique aesthetic. Many feature corbels, brackets or other adornments that add a refined touch. It can also be layered to make it bolder. Whether your décor is rustic, themed or traditional, custom wood is able to be carved and crafted to match your style.
  • Pedestal: A pedestal fireplace has a mantel shelf with legs, which provides additional pieces that can be adorned with carvings. It features an additional panel called a frieze for added thickness. Like the shelf, corbels are often added to further enhance the mantel’s aesthetics. These can be designed to take up a portion or all of the wall.

The Right Wood and Finish

When choosing the right wood, it is recommended to go with hardwood. These types of woods are more durable, ensuring your custom pieced lasts long and resists scratches and dings. Lightwoods that are suitable include poplar and pine. For a rich, darker look, mahogany, cherry and walnut are often selected. The finish provides the ultimate customization. From staining to painting, you can bring your fireplace to life.

If you are ready to give your home character, a custom wood fireplace mantel is an enduring investment. Working with a professional craftsman helps ensure that thappens.