Selecting the Right Wood Supplier For Your Wood Moulding

wood moulding

Searching for custom wood moulding to provide to your customers can be a headache. You want to provide the best product for your clients, but don’t want to have to charge them extra to get the high quality. When searching for the best wood supplier, consider the information below. 1. Wealth of Experience A company…

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Custom Moulding vs. Stock Moulding: The Pros & Cons

custom moulding vs. stock moulding

Years ago, there were basically two types of casings available; “colonial” and “clamshell,” in either 2 1/2″ or 3 1/2″ widths. Of course those two old standbys are still around, also available in finger jointed versions, either primed or bare wood. I refuse to use anything that is finger jointed. If you buy finger jointed mouldings, you…

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