Choosing the Right Lumber Supplier


From the lumber yard to your next project, you want your supplier to be one of the most qualified on the market. There are quite a number of factors to keep in mind when selecting your next supplier. Comparing each of these qualities amongst potential companies can help you find the best lumber for you.


  • Legal Distributors


There is a large market for lumber almost everywhere you go. Be wary of those trying to cash in on buyers that are new and eager. Research the credentials of suppliers to learn if they have permission to sell. If not, you run the risk of purchasing wood from illegal sources that are protected by national or international law.


  • Evaluate Grade


The grade marked on a piece of lumber specifies the volume of lumber that you can still work with. The cutting and drying process can cause significant defects in wood. A high grade represents a lower amount of knots and faults. High-quality lumber is considered #1 Common or #2 Common. Search for a distributor that has high grades in stock. Learning and inquiring about grades will make your trip to the lumber yard that much less confusing.


  • Consider Milling Services


Working with raw lumber is not for the novice. Each piece will usually come sealed and with rough edges. These qualities are meant to prevent the escape of moisture. A good distributor will provide different milling services to shape your lumber to the best fit for your project. Letting a professional handle this process can help prevent future breakage or deterioration. Select an experienced company to help stop unnecessary costs.


  • Ask About Source


An excellent distributor sources their wood from locations that are considered sustainable. This means that their lumber comes from a location whose removal may not greatly impact the local environment. An superior company can inform you where they source their product.

The large number of distributors gives a customer the freedom to choose a company that fits their need. However, considering each of these factors can provide the best product from a reliable lumber yard.