For years, homeowners mainly opted to invest in custom cabinetry for the kitchen only. Cabinets get lots of use in the kitchen and they’re very visible for guests to see and admire. With the modern emphasis on infusing every inch of the home with your unique design style, it’s no surprise that custom cabinetry is becoming popular in many other spaces.

Amazing Locations for Custom Cabinets

  • Bathroom: Wow visitors with custom cabinets in your guest bathroom, featuring gorgeous wood tones and incredible finishing accents. Treat yourself to true luxury in an en-suite bathroom, creating a safe haven with breathtaking countertops and ample storage for towels, bathrobes and all your beauty accessories.
  • Living Room: Instead of setting up the run-of-the-mill entertainment center that came in a box, give your living room real personality with recessed cabinets and shelves, custom-made console tables and accent tables with incredible details. Because they’re custom, every aspect of this furniture conforms to your design vision, whether your style is rustic, formal, minimalist or industrial.
  • Bedroom: Can you imagine waking up in a bedroom where everything is in a place that makes perfect sense to you? Each piece of furniture is created with the storage size, design style and layout that fits your dream bedroom. When applied to walk-in closets, this balance of décor and organization is even more phenomenal.
  • Office: Create a place that inspires you to greatness with a desk built just for you. Custom cabinets replace boring metal file drawers and bookcases with materials that are expressive and empowering. This gives you greater respect from coworkers and clients.

Why Custom Cabinetry Is Incredible

Here are several reasons why the investment in custom cabinets for your home is always worth it:

  • Real hardwood
  • One-of-a-kind pieces
  • Artistic designs
  • Expressive furniture
  • Beautiful storage solutions
  • Rich tones

Opting for custom cabinetry is something you’ll never regret or forget. The first step to designing a signature home look is speaking with professional woodworkers.