One of a kind or custom furniture creations are things of beauty. Constructed out of magnificent wood that has a luxurious finish that brings forth the warmth of the color below, the solid wood pieces draw to mind the eras of long ago. Whether you choose to have your dining set, armoires, chests, or wardrobe crafted from cherry, walnut, or teak, you know the pieces will last many lifetimes. But did you know you can buy customized furniture instead of custom? Here are a few facts about furniture making that can help you find just what you are looking for.

Custom Wood Pieces

Although you may like the look and feel of some of the pieces you see as you wander through the furniture store, they may not be the right fit for your home. So, why not meet with an artisan near you and discuss what you want? A furniture maker with years of experience can build the custom piece for you according to your preferences.

Customized Wood Pieces

If the pieces the furniture crafter makes isn’t quite what you want, why not ask the artisan to change his or her design to meet your needs? Do you need a wider blanket chest, a narrower lingerie armoire, or a deeper wardrobe? Most furniture makers have standard designs they use to make the basic shape of the furniture, and most are willing to work with you to create just what you want in the design, type of wood, or dimensions. The crafters are also willing to switch stains or finishes to fit your home.

So, change the drawer pulls, create out of mahogany instead of cheery, and ask for a matte finish instead of sheen. When you work with an experienced furniture maker, the choices can seem almost endless when you select the piece, era, and design you want to fit into that corner of your room. The finely crafted furniture will be in your home for many years, so make sure you have him or her create something you will love for years to come.