In traditional milling operations, the operator’s physical abilities are just as important as a superb grasp of craft and quality control. CNC milling changes that, providing a precise, automated experience that changes the role of the worker.

Streamlined Production

Shops that offer CNC options for milling projects typically require fewer machinists to get the same work done. Since the CNC operation is automated, using a computerized control protocol that is programmed with precise instructions, a single operator can typically cover multiple milling machines simultaneously. Under regular operating conditions, their attention will be required at the beginning and end of operational cycles to perform quality control checks and prepare for the next milling task, but they usually only require periodic monitoring during operation to ensure they are operating on-program, so a staggered timing for your machine cycles can free up workers.

Get Work Done Faster

Production rates for CNC milling tend to be expedited when compared to manual mills, too. If you’re ordering work from a supplier, prioritizing a shop that offers CNC production options can mean getting your finished product faster, even when you have to place a big order. Between the opportunity to run multiple machines per operator and the faster production time, the efficiency gains are usually very impressive. Usually, that also means lower production costs, since the operation is less labor-intensive on a per-piece basis.

Precise Operations Simplified

Automated processes don’t just speed up production, they also allow for more precise quality control standards to be achieved easily. This reduces scrap rates even as you tighten your tolerances to ensure proper fitment on all your woodworking orders. If you’re looking for the highest quality milling possible, you need to consider CNC milling as an option, whether you are buying machines for your own shop or ordering work from a contractor. In many cases, the right supplier relationship can make the difference you need to compete in today’s market because it allows you to get the best product you can as fast as today’s equipment allows.