How To Choose Built-In Furniture

Making the spaces in your home work well for you can be a challenge sometimes. You may have an odd corner or a room that is an awkward size, making it difficult to find ready-made furniture to fit. Alternatively, you may have specific guidelines that nothing seems to match. Custom built-ins resolve both these issues.

Entertainment Room

There are a lot of entertainment centers of various sizes and shapes on the market, but when you know exactly what you want or need an item to fit in a particular area of your home, it may be less frustrating to have a custom piece built. You don’t have to settle for the typical open area in the middle with shelving on the sides. You can put the shelves under the console space, add drawers and adjust the dimensions of each component to suit your needs.

Home Office

Another great place to have custom built-ins is in the office. Most spaces that are designated for this use are smaller rooms, so maximizing the efficiency of the space is key. You can line the walls with bookshelves that go all the way to the ceiling. You may even have your contractor include the perfect desk configuration in the plan.


A playroom can go from neat to chaotic in a matter of minutes. Built-in storage helps make the space easy for kids to clean up. It also gives them specific areas for creative play. You can include a small desk for drawing or painting or a built-in sound system that lets them select their favorite tunes. When you have custom-built furniture, you don’t have to worry about finding pieces that are sturdy and safe enough for your children.

If you have a specific piece in mind, it may be easier just to have it built than try to find it in a furniture store. Custom built-ins allow you to design the spaces in your home exactly to your specifications.