A lumber yard has a variety of wood useful for any building project. One of the biggest benefits of purchasing wholesale lumber is the positive impact on the environment as many lumber companies replant trees cut down for use. Before you choose a wholesaler, here are some tips to help you make the right choice.


When you buy large quantities of wood, you don’t want to have to figure out how to pick all of that up. Most companies offer customers delivery, but not all delivery services are the same. Some companies deliver to certain areas on specific days of the week. The best way to see if their delivery schedule will work for you is to ask. This is the easiest way to ensure the product is available when you need it.


Obviously, the price comes into play on which lumber yard to choose. The easiest way to see if you are getting a good price for the lumber is to price shop. Obtain a quote from at least three companies. Then compare the quality with the costs.


Customer service is huge when dealing with any company. Without good customer service, that great price no longer seems worth dealing with the hassles. Before purchasing, ask them to explain their terms of service. You may need different wood styles delivered to a set address. If they don’t do that, they may not be the best fit.


While the price is important, so is the quality of the product you purchase. You want lumber that looks great and stands up as expected. Besides physically visiting the location, you can investigate the company through their reviews, testimonials or small first order. Choose the quality you need for your specific project.

These four factors can help you choose a lumber yard to buy your soft and hardwood products. Whether you build large buildings or simply want to do a home remodel, wholesale lumber can help you access a variety of wood types in a sustainable way.