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Types of Wood Used To Build Furniture


Custom furniture built of solid wood is an investment that can last for generations. Unlike mass-produced items made of particle board or a wood composite, these pieces are unique and durable. Here are some different woods to consider for your unique acquisition.

This classic wood is typically a rich, reddish brown. Mahogany is a medium hard wood. As such, it is highly durable and does not easily decay. It is ideal for furniture design, particularly pieces such as cabinets and bookshelves that bear a lot of weight, because it is strong and sturdy.

If you are looking for a wood that can be stained to almost any shade you prefer, maple may be a good choice for your custom furniture. Because its pores are evenly spaced, the builder can achieve a stain that is quite even in appearance. A very hard wood, maple is highly shock absorbent and thus a good choice for weight-bearing pieces.

Alder wood is a knotty wood that can be used to create pieces that fit a multitude of style eras. It is extremely versatile. It can mimic the staining properties of maple or cherry wood, providing a less expensive but just as beautiful alternative.

Beech is a hard wood known for its visible grain and pronounced growth rings. Its unique texture produces a certain look that stands out. It is difficult to warp, making it a great choice for furniture that lasts a lifetime.

Pine is a softer wood and thus can be a little easier to carve. It is often used in distressed pieces for a nice, vintage look. People who want to create a warm, cozy atmosphere in their homes often choose pine for their furniture.

No matter what wood you choose to build it, custom furniture is made to last. Not only can you have a unique piece but you and your family can enjoy it for generations.