Understanding the Basics of Woodworking Supplies

softwood for furniture making

If you are a creative person that loves to work with your hands, woodworking may be the perfect hobby for you. You may have some basic tools available in your toolbox, but for most projects, there are other essential items to purchase before you begin your woodworking journey. Here are some of the basic woodworking supplies you will need to understand before beginning your first project.


Beginning woodworking hobbyists should use a pattern for their first few projects. The design will list all necessary woodcuts, sizes of wood pieces and all accessories. The patterns can also identify which type of wood you should work with for each project.


There are thousands of different woodworking tools available, but there are three specific categories you should know about.

  • Machine tools can include a variety of saws, routers and sanders. Depending on the intricacy of your project designs, you may also need machine lighting and support bars.
  • Hand tools can range from basic hammers and sandpaper to screwdrivers and clamps. Beginners should look at their project list before making purchases for woodworking supplies to see what hand tools they need for each pattern.
  • Specialty tools are created for a specific purpose. There are hand drills, spokeshaves and rasps. As you advance in your woodworking skills, you may also need drawknives, lathes and chop saws.


Safety gear is essential for anyone working with power tools, but it is also necessary for those working only with hand tools. The very basics should include quality goggles, a dust mask and a large garbage can. If you have tender or sensitive hands, choose some quality leather gloves for protection, too.

Woodworking is for hobbyists that would love to create wooden objects ranging from children’s toys to heirloom works of art. If you are curious about the woodworking supplies and wood pieces available, contact a lumber store to begin your journey today.