Specialty Lumber & Woodworking Supplies Are Our Bread & Butter

specialty lumber & woodworking supplies

In addition to stocking some of the finest hardwoods, hardwood plywood, and Eastern White Pine, Barney & Carey Co. also carries a nice assortment of woodworking supplies. For example, we recently started manufacturing our own “Perfectly Square Blocks.” These are used when clamping together cabinet face fronts—and cabinets—to square them up perfectly. We offer them in small, medium, and large sizes, and make them out of 1″ Baltic Birch Plywood. Baltic Birch is a superior plywood, with many more plies than fir and other hardwood plywoods. The result is a much more stable product that lies perfectly flat and will not warp. 

Our customers continuously rely on us to stock—or gain access to—specialty plywoods, like Baltic Birch. Last week, a customer ordered shelf parts, to be cut from 1-1/4″ Baltic Birch. This is an uncommon item, and when I went to the distributor, they opened a new crate of it. I needed six sheets, so they brought it over to my truck with the forklift. When the foreman and I went to slide them onto the truck, we couldn’t believe how heavy the 4’x8′ sheets were! We stock most sizes and thicknesses, but not 1-1/4″!
Beyond specialty lumber items, we also stock CMT router bits and saw blades, Century drill bits, Norton abrasives, Accuride drawer slides, and Blum hinges and drawer slides. 

Barney & Carey once ran a big framing lumber operation; however, over the years since since I bought the company in 1978, we gradually morphed into a finish and specialty lumber company. It became advantageous to downsize and specialize, where we could concentrate on this part of the business. The addition of custom woodworking services was a perfect fit with our lumber selection, and led us to our present location in Avon, with over 8,000 square feet of shop space. We realized that it was not reasonable to try and be all things to all customers, but better to excel at what we do best: providing the highest quality hardwoods, custom moldings, pine lumber and wainscoting, and expert woodworking on any project our customers have in mind.

Do you need woodworking supplies, a specialty lumber item, blade, bit, or have a custom woodworking project in mind? Whether you are a homeowner, a carpenter, a designer, or a hobbyist, we have you covered with over 1,000 items in stock in our lumberyard. Complete the form below to ask us about our inventory or run your project by our team of expert woodworkers!

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