It’s the Perfect Time for Those DIY Home Improvement Projects, Unless…

diy home improvement

During the last four months of shelter-in-place and stay-at-home orders, people have become real handy. With many businesses closed or operating at a limited capacity—and with the public health threat of a potentially deadly virus—most people are spending a lot more time at home these days. The perfect time to finally get around to those DIY home improvement projects we’ve been putting off forever.

Well, maybe not.

Major renovations might not be the best idea during a pandemic, especially if you answer YES to any of the following questions:

1. Does your project require personal protective equipment (PPE)? While hardware stores like ours have face shields available, make sure your community area hospitals and medical centers have enough PPE for their doctors, nurses and staff before picking up a mask for your own home project. We’re offering a “Give a Face Shield” program where you can donate a face shield to a first responder who needs it.

2. Do you need to be up high on a ladder or roof? Right now is not the time to risk taking a fall and ending up in the hospital.

3. If your project requires help from craftsmen or tradesmen, is it possible to follow social distancing guidelines while doing the work? Make sure any hired professionals have the ability to stay distanced from you and others while performing the work—it’s for your safety and theirs.

4. Do you need help lifting any equipment? Again, it’s not the time to ask other people to be in close proximity to you. It’s hard to practice social distancing when you’re standing a few feet away from each other, carrying a large piece of machinery or equipment.

5. Will the project be disturbing to your neighbors? Remember that many people are working or taking classes from home and need to focus. Tasks like sawing lumber or power washing are best reserved for weekends, where loud home projects are more acceptable and expected.

6. Will your project generate a lot of trash? Make sure your local refuse station is open and operating during normal business hours before you commit to generating a boatload of trash.

7. Is your project exorbitantly expensive? No one knows what is going to happen to home values in the post-Covid world, so hold off on making any major investments until the dust settles.

Smaller home projects (or even rekindling an old passion for woodworking) are a smarter and safer way to keep yourself busy during the pandemic. While many lumberyards are struggling to keep products in stock, our yard is fully stocked with the high quality specialty products you’ve come to expect from us over the years. For the weekend warrior or the seasoned craftsmen, our expert staff is happy to talk shop and help you determine the best materials for your DIY home improvement project. 

Don’t fancy yourself a handyman? Barney & Carey can craft custom millwork, furniture, cabinetry and built-ins designed to your specifications and style. That means you can spend your spare time doing what you love, and we can do what we love…for you!