Unveiling the Holiday Spirit: Welcome Holly Wood!

Hey there! Guess what’s happening at the lumberyard? We’ve got something new in the mix, and we have no doubt it will sprinkle a bit of holiday cheer into your woodworking projects. Introducing Holly Wood, the latest addition to our lineup. This one’s sure to bring a touch of festive magic to whatever you’re creating. …

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Wood Can Make All the Difference

wood can make all the difference

Wood is one of the world’s most beautiful natural resources. When in its natural state in a tree, it provides a beautiful landscaping element. But there’s more to wood than leaving it in its natural state. Wood makes for beautiful structures, both practical and artistic. Everything from furniture to kitchen utensils can be constructed from…

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Top 5 DIY Woodworking Gifts You Still Have Time to Make

DIY woodworking gifts

If you’re a woodworker you know the value of a handmade gift. Everyone appreciates seeing that thought went into getting them something nice for Christmas and nothing says this more than a hand-crafted item. While, yes, the holidays may only be weeks away and you might be feeling the crunch of getting everything ready in…

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Customizing Your Home with Handcrafted Furniture

There is nothing more satisfying than making a home uniquely yours. One of the ways to set your home apart from others is with custom furniture. What’s amazing about having handcrafted furniture is that that no two pieces will be exactly alike. Here are some qualities of handcrafted furniture that set it apart from prefabricated…

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Finding the Perfect Furniture for Your Home

Furniture can be a significant investment, and there are few things more frustrating than buying a piece that you thought was perfect only to get it home and discover that it doesn’t really fit. Either it’s too big, too small or simply doesn’t match the rest of your decor. Custom wood furniture solves all these…

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Popular Types of Softwood for Furniture Making

softwood for furniture making

When considering which types of wood to use for furniture-making, you may be presented with the choice between hardwood and softwood. Hardwood is not necessarily harder or denser, it actually has to do with the plant’s reproduction process. Hardwood trees are angiosperms—plants that produce seeds with a covering, like an apple or an acorn. Softwood…

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Efficient Interior Design Strategies With Custom Furniture

There’s something about custom wood furniture that brings a room design to life. Whether you’re building a new home or taking another look at your interior room design, find out how quality furniture can offer you the right dimensions, the perfect look and the ideal investment for a timeless home. These pieces can turn a…

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Specialty Lumber is Our Legacy, Since 1922

barney and carey specialty lumber since 1922

A loaf of bread cost 7¢ and a pound of steak would run you about 26¢. The gummy bear was just invented in Germany, and Babe Ruth was the most famous person in the country. It was 1922, and it was the year that Barney & Carey Company Inc. was founded on the banks of…

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Choosing Between Hardwood or Softwood for Your Projects

When you have a building project going on, you generally think of your budget first. It can be easier to accept a lower quality material in the interest of saving money, but this choice doesn’t always guarantee durability and longevity. There are several types of specialty lumber available for projects, but they are most commonly…

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Keeping Your Cool: The Best Natural Decking Material for Hot New England Summers

best natural decking material

Coming off a 100º weekend and looking at a forecast filled with days in the high 80ºs and 90ºs, we’re reminded how important it is to consider the hot, humid New England weather when choosing the best specialty lumber for the exterior of your home. Specifically the best natural decking material, which you and your…

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