Wood Can Make All the Difference

wood can make all the difference

Wood is one of the world’s most beautiful natural resources. When in its natural state in a tree, it provides a beautiful landscaping element. But there’s more to wood than leaving it in its natural state. Wood makes for beautiful structures, both practical and artistic. Everything from furniture to kitchen utensils can be constructed from wood, making it also one of the most versatile natural resources as well. The art of creating projects from wood is called woodworking, and there are many different types of woodworking projects that can be used for custom woodworking.

Wood Carving

Wood carving is perhaps one of the oldest types of woodworking out there. The process involves using knives and chisels to make distinct shapes out of an unformed piece of wood. With small, handheld pieces, the process is sometimes referred to as whittling. The objects can remain rough cut or sanded to smooth the surfaces. Traditionally, wood carvers have made everything from canoes and surfboards to totems.

Wood Burning

Another common type of woodworking is wood burning. The process of wood burning, also referred to as pyrography, pyrogravure, or poker-work, involves engraving the wood with a heated element. Though wood burning kits are available in craft stores, it takes a considerable amount of skill to work with them safely for custom woodworking projects.

Scroll Sawing

Perhaps the most popular type of woodwork now is the scroll saw technique. Unlike the previous two mentioned, scroll sawing is more mechanical in nature. The process involves tiny saws used to make more intricate designs. Many scroll saw patterns take advantage of technology with computer programs designed to create precise cuts and 3D printers designed to execute them.

There are many custom woodworking projects out there. All of them require considerable skill and a knowledge about the types of wood that are best used with the different methods. Those looking to complete a wood project should consult a professional.