Woodworking is What We Do


Years ago, there was a joke going around about woodworking. “A guy walks in to a library, and asks the librarian where he could find the book entitled, “How I Became A Millionaire With My Basement Woodworking Shop.”

She replies, “Oh, yes; it’s right over there in the fiction section!”

Well, it’s no longer such a far-fetched title. Demand for woodworkers—and craftspeople of ALL trades—has never been higher, and starting wages are impressive…higher than those offered to college graduates with liberal arts degrees. Recently, a Boston electrical union was hiring apprentices right out of vocational school electricity courses. Starting salary? $60K. Try
getting anywhere near that with your B.A. in political science or art history! A similar situation exists for woodworkers.

Here at Barney & Carey’s woodworking shop, we have some of the most talented woodworkers to be found anywhere—young, old, and in between. I started woodworking—yes, in my basement workshop!—over 60 years ago. I was fortunate to have two great uncles from “the old country” who were consummate craftsmen, to the point of making their own wooden planes and molding cutters. Imagine cutting say, a 16 footer of hardwood casing with a hand held cutter? Anyway, they taught me well, including stair building.

After floundering around for a few years after high school, I got into Boston University, and actually paid my tuition by subbing myself out to homebuilders solely to do finish stairs. After graduation, I became a builder, and as it’s largest customer, I eventually wound up buying Barney and Carey Lumber Co. in 1978.

Woodworking is more than just a viable career path—it’s a passion! However, like most career paths and passions, it’s not everyone’s first choice. Fortunately, that’s where the Barney and Carey Lumber Co. comes in! If woodworking isn’t your thing, contact us for all of your woodworking needs. We can design, build and install whatever you have in mind, from cabinets and furniture to custom moulding, built-ins, and beyond.

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