Tradition at Barney & Carey

We are certainly proud to be celebrating Barney and Carey’s 100th anniversary since opening on the banks of the Neponset River, Milton, in 1922. It was the former site of the old Neponset Coal Co. I found the original permit and plans for the deep water docks, dated 1897. As the coal had long been…

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Top 5 DIY Woodworking Gifts You Still Have Time to Make

DIY woodworking gifts

If you’re a woodworker you know the value of a handmade gift. Everyone appreciates seeing that thought went into getting them something nice for Christmas and nothing says this more than a hand-crafted item. While, yes, the holidays may only be weeks away and you might be feeling the crunch of getting everything ready in…

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The Mindset of Woodworking

the mindset of woodworking

As a boy, I was introduced to woodworking by my uncle, who was an electrician, but knew his way around carpentry, as well. Better yet, I had two great uncles, from the “old country,” who had been expert carpenters, and one a stair builder. One of them was the father of the founder of a…

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Woodworking Tools: The Art of the Lathe

woodworking tools lathe

As you become more and more skilled at woodworking, you will find yourself trying and using more different tools, often becoming more interested in certain ones. In my case, years ago I became fascinated with the lathe. I didn’t have much money, so I made my own, quite primitive. I made all the usual turned…

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Woodworking is What We Do


Years ago, there was a joke going around about woodworking. “A guy walks in to a library, and asks the librarian where he could find the book entitled, “How I Became A Millionaire With My Basement Woodworking Shop.” She replies, “Oh, yes; it’s right over there in the fiction section!” Well, it’s no longer such…

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