3 Reasons To Install a Custom Built-In

Your home needs somewhere to store all the books, entertainment equipment or materials, craft supplies, or whatever your heart desires. Sure, you could purchase a furniture piece from a big box store, but you run the risk of it being not quite right; it could not have the correct dimensions, not be able to hold…

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Selecting the Right Wood Supplier For Your Wood Moulding

wood moulding

Searching for custom wood moulding to provide to your customers can be a headache. You want to provide the best product for your clients, but don’t want to have to charge them extra to get the high quality. When searching for the best wood supplier, consider the information below. 1. Wealth of Experience A company…

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What’s New (and What Never Changes) at Barney & Carey Co.

specialty lumberyard

Like just about every other business right now, we at Barney & Carey Co. are often finding it harder to come up with certain materials; however, by reaching out to other mills and wholesalers, we have been able to get what we—and what our customers—need.  Quality can be an issue these days, especially with hardwoods. Whenever I am allowed to do so—even at some additional cost—I will personally go to these suppliers and hand pick our wood.

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A Custom Wood Fireplace Mantels Adds Elegance To Your Home

When your home is your castle, you want to be a welcoming place with subtle, sophisticated beauty. If you have a fireplace, it is the perfect locale for a custom wood mantel to showcase your style with intricate designs and beautiful finishes that provide a talking piece that lasts. Mantel Options Depending on your tastes,…

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What You Need to Know About Hardwood and Softwood Lumber

When your home improvement project requires lumber, knowing the basics will help you communicate effectively with your contractor. Do you need hardwood or softwood? Hardwood Lumber  Hardwoods are strong and durable. They come from slow-growing trees, such as oak, teak, ash, bamboo, cherry, maple, and walnut. They’re dense and can be hard to work with.…

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Hobby Wood for Your Next Woodworking Project

hobby wood, avon ma

“Hobby wood” is just another name for shorter pieces of very high quality hardwoods and softwoods. I never fail to be astounded at some of the completed small projects our customers bring in to show us, from simple cutting boards to magnificent mantle clocks, bird carvings, and just about anything you can imagine…

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How to Work With a Professional to Get Custom Furniture

Custom furniture pieces can be a great way to express yourself and make your living space truly unique to you. Working with a professional in order to design custom furniture can seem a bit daunting at first, but by keeping a few simple guidelines in mind you should be able to communicate your ideas clearly…

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All About Reclaimed Wood & Antique Lumber

reclaimed wood avon, ma

We are always on the lookout to purchase reclaimed and antique lumber, and will travel considerable distances to get it! This consists of beams, joists, rafters, flooring, and siding from buildings that are demolished or renovated, ideally from mills that were constructed in the 1800’s or early 1900’s. The age makes a huge difference, because almost all of the timbers that went into these buildings was from “old growth” forests. Species like Southern Yellow Pine, Douglas Fir, Red and White Oak, and Eastern White Pine, all grew slowly in very dense forests, competing for every ray of sunlight. Many saplings and smaller trees were crowded out, while the survivors grew tall and straight, with few branches, and few knots in the wood.

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How Custom Furniture Helps You Make the Most of Your Space

Many people find themselves needing to capitalize on the available space in their homes, especially if they have several people in the household, and the residence is not as large as they’d like. Hiring professionals to make custom furniture is a fantastic solution in cases like these.  Make the Piece Work With Your Room One…

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