Top 5 DIY Woodworking Gifts You Still Have Time to Make

DIY woodworking gifts

If you’re a woodworker you know the value of a handmade gift. Everyone appreciates seeing that thought went into getting them something nice for Christmas and nothing says this more than a hand-crafted item. While, yes, the holidays may only be weeks away and you might be feeling the crunch of getting everything ready in time, it’s still not too late to make something personal and precious for those you love. What follows are five ideas that you can knock out in a weekend (or less!) and yet show real thought in a way a store-bought item never can.

5 Handmade Gifts Any Woodworker Can Be Proud Of

1. A Custom Birdhouse

Do you have a bird watcher in your life? Or someone who simply loves watching animals thrive? A custom birdhouse might be the perfect gift that keeps giving. Not only does a birdhouse allow them to watch a bird nurture their family, but every smile the house provides will remind them of you.

2. A Cute Side Table, Night Stand, or Coffee Table

Four-legged structures are many people’s introduction to custom woodworking and so why not surprise a loved one with a simple piece of furniture crafted from specialty lumber?

3. An Engraved Specialty Item

Do you have a cook in the family who would appreciate a chopping block with their name on it? How about a handyperson who would swoon for a personalized workbench? Even a keychain engraved with the family crest or a person’s name can make a great stocking stuffer! Engraving isn’t always easy, however, and so if you need assistance don’t hesitate to reach out.

4. A Crib, Backgammon, or Chess Board

There’s no limit to how intricate a classic gameboard can be but you need not be an artist to make a simple crib, backgammon, or chessboard. What’s more, like a birdhouse, this type of gift belongs to the class that keeps on giving.

5. A Refurbished Family Heirloom

Does everyone remember grandma knitting in her favorite rocking chair? How about pops serving the life of the party from behind his favorite home bar? So often, these family heirlooms fall into disrepair after their users pass and so why not refresh those memories by refurbishing one of those pieces for Christmas? Again, such projects can be complex and so if you need help don’t hesitate to contact the experts at Barney & Carey Co.!

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